HELP UKRAINE — a crowdsourcing information platform created during war and aimed at supporting humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine. Our mission is to provide verified information on various official initiatives in Ukraine for our Western partners and to establish links between them.

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please email us: support.team@iab.com.ua

Can we join the program as a Foundation?

To join the program, please, write to us by mail and tell us about your organization support.team@iab.com.ua We will contact you within 5 working days

How to become a partner?

If your organization would like to become our partner, please send us a request to support.team@iab.com.ua After that we will contact you as quickly as possible.

How to become a long-term contributor?

You can make a monthly subscription on one of the foundations we support and select an amount you want to donate monthly by the link. The amount you select will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account every month. Next contribution will be withdrawn on the date of first contribution.

How can I help despite the money?

There are few different ways to help. For example you can hire an employee from Ukraine with expertise in Marketing, Advertising or PR, who lost a job due to russian aggression. Also you can support Ukrainian Funds in media in your area or help us with your creativity. Please, find the details here. We are open to consider your proposal about helping Ukrainian Foundations as well. Together we can do much more.

Can I get a report on my donation?

Please, make a request for the report by email support.team@iab.com.ua We will make a report in a convenient format within 5 working days.

How will the donations be distributed between funds?

You manage your money from start to finish. Our platform was created to inform about the variability of Ukrainian funds. You choose which of the projects you want to support.

Can I choose the specific fund from the list of available ones for donation?

Yes, you can choose any fund we cooperate with here.

Do you have a logistics center where we can send humanitarian aid from abroad?

We are informational platform, but one of the foundations we support has such oppotrunity. You can get acquainted with the list of needs: Instant soups, cereals, pasta (quick food) Canned food Coffee in stacks Sleepers Karemata Headlamps with infrared light Powerbank 20k+ Hand-held rechargeable flashlight Hand laser flashlight Multitools Chainsaws (chains, tires, sharpeners) huge amount of medical preparations

Why should we help exactly these Funds?

The members of IAB Ukraine thoroughly checked every project fund for their documents, registration, and transparency. Also, every Fund is ready to provide a regular financial report.