Longevity Cardio

Give Ukrainians elderly with heart disease the opportunity to receive proper treatment during the war.

The foundation was launched by Ukrainian doctors in 2022. The war in Ukraine prompted us to take action: elderly people were left alone with their illnesses and needed urgent treatment. The Foundation provides comprehensive assistance and support to the elderly with heart disease so that the length and quality of life in Ukraine to be at a high level. All donations are used to purchase the necessary equipment and medical devices to save the lives of the elderly and long-lived.
In our activities, we are guided by the principles of integrity and transparency. We are a very young Foundation, born in the independent Ukraine, which professes the best world practices and rules of charity. Therefore, we are accountable and the Fund will undergo an annual audit. Each of us comes from childhood: with our own memories and dreams. Each of us was brought into the world by close people and them still stay close, despite we are physically hundreds of kilometers away. Even when the country is at war. Now, more than ever, we feel that the greatest value is not material, it is in simple things: love for family, warm communication with grandmother, a kind smile of the father – this is what allows us to remain children, even in adulthood. We all grew up during the war Strong, wise, and independent, we create the Foundation as a sign of gratitude and care. Grandparents have cared for us since childhood, but now is our time.
Yearlong in Ukraine more than 2,000 elderly people require the heart surgery. Alas, the disease progresses very fast, so the time for saving the life is a real value. Woefully, surgical treatment still being quite expensive. This fact greatly complicates the care process and places a burden on the patient’s relatives and friends. Therefore, the main mission of the Foundation is to ensure the detection and free treatment of heart disease in the elderly, senile and long-lived. After all, we strive to improve not only the duration but also the quality of their lives.

We save lives together💙💛