Smart Angel - On behalf of Ukrainian broadcasters, we plead for solidarity and support.

Support Ukrainian journalists who continue to tell the truth about Russian aggression in Ukraine under fire

On February 24, 2022, Russia unleashed the largest war in Europe since WWII by its treacherous invasion of Ukraine. On this fateful day, the biggest Ukrainian media combined forces to fight the enemy on a united information war front.
Our media crews report live from the sites of active hostilities, and the IT and engineers keep up uninterrupted 24-hour transmission despite regular shelling by the Russian air forces and artillery. For the fourth month we have been broadcasting a unique 24/7 TV marathon UA United News — the most popular TV product and main source of news for 60% of Ukrainians. The Marathon is accessible for free to the audience of 380 mln households in Europe, the Western part of Russia, Middle Asia, and America. Together we bring the truth about the struggle of the Ukrainian nation and the Russian war crimes.
United News is co-produced by the newsrooms of 1+1 Media, Media Group Ukraine, StarLightMedia, Inter Media Group, the Public Service Broadcaster, and Rada TV channel — all together they cover 70% of the media sector in Ukraine. 2500+ journalists and media staff working daily on this project. Using our own reserves we’ve already built studios in bomb shelters and reserve channels, and procured protective equipment for our teams working in the hotspots.
Ukrainian journalists are constantly targeted by the aggressor`s army. On the 24th April russia has committed 280 crimes against journalists in Ukraine, according to an IMI report. TOP priority is financial support (voiced by 62% of polled media workers according to a report by the Commission on Journalistic Ethics). Risking our lives, we bring news stories straight from the front line evenunder artillery attacks and from bomb shelters as the world should know the truth.
Now we call upon financial support of Ukrainian media that combats Putin’s propaganda and Russian military aggression. To support UA media, make a donation to charitable foundation SMART ANGEL- a major partner for our media fundraising campaign in war time. The expense reports will be published on this website. Partners we appeal to you for support of Ukraine and independent Ukrainian media.

Together with you, we are strong and will win!